Fall Prevention

Have you fallen in the past or know someone who has?

Do you have aging parents, or are you concerned about falling yourself?

     If the answer is yes, then this living-well-in-a-nutshell fall-prevention handbook is for you. Roxanne Reynolds has spent the past ten years working with seniors and those with movement disorders. Because of her love for seniors and the fact that her own grandmother fell and broke both of her hips, she knew she had to try and do something to help prevent catastrophic falls so prevalent today.


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 In A Seniors Guide to Fall Prevention and Healthy Living, Roxanne outlines causes, diseases affiliated with falls, home safety, foot health, diet, nutrition, and activities that promote balanced movement.

   Every year 1 out of 3 people aged 65 years and over experience a preventable fall.  This is a tragedy, a monumental waste of money.  Something must be done to curb this epidemic.  The amazing truth is that it is actually pretty easy for people to retain their wellbeing and balance to prevent such falls.    Roxanne's very comprehensive book outlines simple steps that give each person a choice...

"Do I change and take more reposnsibility for my health or do I expect health care professionals to make these choices for me?"  The former choice is the one of a proactive, enthusiastic, self-reliant member of both family and society.  The latter, the victim view, is frankly a problem to familes and the society.

     I have known Roxanne Reynolds for many years.  Her guidelines for fall prevention are actually a recipe for life long wellbeing.  She cares deeply for our elders and is committed to playing her part - a major part - in helping to stop falls.  Roxanne has attended many of the trainings at the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (IIQTC) and she is a certified Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader and and Teacher of Mind-Body Practice.

Foreword by,

Roger Jahnke, O.M.D,

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