Drink Good Quality Water

Most of our tap water is chlorinated and or fluoridated. Drink quality water whenever possible:

bottled, distilled or install a purification system. Reasons to drink quality water include:

1. Keeps the brain sharp

2. Helps eliminate toxins in the blood stream

3. Cleans the kidneys

4. Great for weight loss by suppressing the appetite

5. Helps you feel full and also helps the body metabolize stored fat

Experts in health, Paul C. Bragg N.D. PhD and Patricia Bragg N.D. PhD. recommend daily consumption of 8-10 glasses of pure distilled water. Distilled water has no inorganic minerals to deposit on the walls of the arteries and other vessels of the body.

Angina, allergies, asthma, back and joint pains, migraines, stomach pains and arthritis may all be symptoms of severe dehydration-which can easily be helped by drinking water daily! Start increasing your water intake today.

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