Tips for a Safer Bathroom

According to statistics, everyday one person dies from using a shower or bath in the U.S. In the home, the bathroom, is the

room where most falls tragically happen.

Tips for a safer bathroom include

a. Install grab bars in the bath/shower and near the toilet. Use a night light, some prefer a red light as it produces fewer glares than a regular incandescent bulb c. NO loose rugs, be sure they have a non-slip backing and that the flooring has a non slip surface

d. Elevated toilet seat makes it easier to get up from e. Install liquid soap dispensers/ shampoo/ conditioner/body wash f. Add non skid strips to the shower floor and bathtub g. Check water temperature before entering the bath or shower h. Never shower alone if you are on strong medication or frail. Use a bathchair and handheld shower

Most important is to stay present with your thoughts. Remain focused, in the moment, with everything you


Roxanne Reynolds , author of “A Senior's Guide to Fall Prevention and Healthy Living”

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