Rebounding (Mini Trampoline)

I find rebounding to be one of the most beneficial exercises for our overall health. A rebounder {or mini-trampoline} can be used in your home or office and it only takes 10 minutes a day to make a big impact on our health.

When we bounce, every cell in the body is stimulated, exercised and strengthened. Rebounding exercises more than just muscles, every cell is exercised- They are toned, cleansed and strengthened. Rebounding improves circulation, strengthens bones and muscles, improves balance, and increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain.

Rebound exercise is the closest thing to the Fountain of Youth that science has discovered. We found that jumping on good equipment is effective in improving the symptoms of over 80% of the patients reporting to our rehabilitation lab. Dr. James White. PhD., UCSD

A Phoenix newspaper reported; "Esther Delana Lewis celebrated her 100th birthday dancing a jig on the mini trampoline in her home. It does wonders for my health, " she said. "Esther sings and dances" on her rebound unit several times a day. What's really interesting about Esther is she could hardly walk when she started rebounding. She usually had to use a wheelchair. (Looking Good Feeling Great by Karol Kuhm Truman)

Rebounding exercise can be adapted to any level of fitness; and it's good for most anyone with physical limitations. A quality unit can cushion the trauma to the joints up to 85% while the person is rebounding. I personally own and use a Cellercise rebounder (in the picture below, my mom} with a support bar. Start slow and walk on it to begin, then a few minutes at a time until your goal is reached. Strive for 10 minutes a day. Put on fun music and enjoy rebounding!

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