Foot Health and Reflexology

There are 26 bones in each foot, more than any other part of the body. It is essential that enough

blood reach our feet. Tight shoes, more than any other article of clothing, do more to disturb the circulation of blood to the feet. It is important to wear comfortable, well-fitted shoes that do not bind or inhibit the circulation of the feet. When women wear overly narrow shoes they are susceptible to corns on the toes. And incorrect shoe length has been associated with ulceration of the foot.

Since balance starts in the feet it only makes since that we take extra care of your feet. One way is with reflexology. Reflexology helps to remove crystalline deposits from nerve endings of the feet through deep pressure massage. Also reflexology helps release tension, normalize gland and organ function and improve circulation. This modality also has the potential to ease pain in aching joints, improve mobility and help with incontinence. There are lots of good reasons to see a reflexologist. If it is not affordable you can massage the feet yourself with your hands or with the use of Roxy's Healing Socks available at

can massage your own feet. All you need to do is find the sore spots and work them out with massage.

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