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Hello and thank you for visiting stopfallsez. My intention in creating this website is to provide information that will empower people and bring attention to the staggering number of preventable falls. Each year, millions of people 65 and older are treated for fall related injuries. Falls are the most common cause of injury and the 6th leading cause of death for seniors. The cost to insurance companies and patients reached a staggering $34 billion In 2013. Most are hospitalized for a broken hip or head injury. My grandmother fell and broke her hip and suffered immeasurably. Who's responsible for these alarming number of falls? I would say that we are responsible. WHY? Here's a list of ideas to consider. Do we take the necessary steps to live in a safer home? Environmental factors play a large role, especially the bathroom. Do we stay active to improve leg strength and balance? Walking or doing T'ai Chi? Do we look at the side effects of medications? Cause dizziness? Read the pamphlet. How's your vision? Need an eye exam? Using caution with bifocals and progressive glasses. Do we eat foods that heal instead of harm? Lots of veggies, fruit, whole grains and seeds, Healthy oils and fish. What about drinking enough life and balance sustaining water? Drinking 64 ounces daily. Is there enough vitamin D in your system? As well as other life sustaining nutrients? Are you taking all the necessary steps to improve or heal from a chronic condition? Former US Surgeon General Koop warned Americans in a landmark 1988 report on nutrition and health that diet related diseases account 68% of deaths! Do you take good care of your feet? Balance starts here. Self massage or reflexology is a good start. Mental alertness? Steps to avoid Alzheimer's and Dementia. Coconut oil has been found to help in numerous studies. Just a deficiency in B vitamins can cause vascular cognitive impairment in some. A huge percentage of us take our health and safety for granted. It is not until we fall Or become ill that we get serious and do something about it. Preventing a fall should be one of the most important things we do to maintain our independence. Each one of us has the power to change and take necessary steps to wellness and better health. It is a matter of choice and the choice is ours... I hope you make the right one.

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