Roxy's Healing Socks

While working with seniors in my community I found that many of them had physical discomfort they could not resolve. Did you know you can safely and effectively massage this discomfort away whenever you need to? Whether it be your feet, back or neck you can massage the areas of discomfort until the pain lessens or sub sides all together. With the use of Roxy's Healing Socks, self massage is easy and convenient. One way is to simply put the sock behind you and lean against a wall to help the sock penetrate deep into the tissue of your back or neck. Also put under your feet for a soothing foot massage.

Using Roxy's Healing Socks will help release unwelcome limitation and pain as you breathe deeply and move gently to dissolve discomfort.

Roxy's Healing Socks are safe, effective and affordable and can be used:

In Your Office

In Your Bed

In Your Car

As a Traveling companion


Reduces pain

Relieves tension-stagnation by massaging out those knots

Can help clear cysts on the back through massage and improved circulation

A great stress reliever before bed by placing the socks under your neck, back or head

Circulation of blood and lymph

Improves range of motion, flexibility and circulation to the feet


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