Tai Chi Easy

Tai Chi is one of the most beneficial ways to regain great health and continued balance as one ages. Since practicing T'ai Chi Easy I have been blessed with inner calmness. Practicing is similar to a slow motion dance. Besides improved balance and coordination, tai chi helps regulate blood pressure, increases lung capacity and will strengthen your immune system. Many people today suffer from anxiety and depression and much of that is caused from living in the past or fearing the future. Being mindful and grateful we become much happier. Consider taking a class for that reason alone.

Tai Chi Easy is a program with practice from medical Qigong including Vitality Enhancement Methods and a modification of traditional Tai Chi. The four essential Qi cultivation methods are:

Postural alignment and gentle movement

Breath practice

Self-applied massage


A ten year study on aging through Harvard, Yale and Emory University determined not only that Tai Chi was superior to more technologically balance therapies, but also that Tai Chi reduced the risk of injury by falling by 48%. Complications from these injuries are the sixth leading cause of death in older Americans, and account for about $10 billion loss per year to the economy. USA Today, May 1996

I am a Tai Chi Easy Facilitator and teach in communities around the valley. Please contact me if you would like to take a class. www.stopfallsez.com

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