T'ai Chi Classes and Workshops

A study through Harvard, Yale and Emory Universities stunned researchers when they discovered that the gentle, slow, relaxing, low impact T'ai Chi improved their balance of practitioners profoundly, reducing their risk of falling by 47.5%

Qigong & T’ai Chi

Qigong - An ancient system of movement and breathing exercises that were developed to strengthen the body and balance the flow of life energy.

Qigong - also translated as “breathing exercise” or “energy exercise”

Researchers believe a major benefit of qigong lies in the way it helps to regulate the nervous system and brain function, contributing to stress relief and relaxation.

T’ai Chi - A sophisticated form of moving qigong, which involves a series of choreographed movements done in a relaxed and flowing way. The purpose of T’ai Chi is to generate, circulate and balance the body’s energy.

T’ai Chi employs movements that are slow and non-strenuous, so it can be done safely and easily by people of all ages.

T’ai Chi Chih®


T’ai Chi Chih® is a contemporary Qigong set based on ancient chi theory and principles. It was brought into being by an American man named Justin Stone.

After many years of teaching the Yang style of T’ai Chi Ch’uan to his Western students, Stone developed the easy-to-learn form based on his teaching experience and adapted it to suit Western students. T’ai Chi Chih® has no martial application.

It is a moving meditation whose purpose is to stimulate, circulate and balance the body’s energy. It can be done by anyone, regardless of age or condition; it even can be done seated, laying down, or mentally, if one is unable to stand and move.

T'ai Chi Easy

T’ai Chi Easy utilizes Vitality Enhancement Methods along with a modified T’ai Chi set, it is a beautifully designed combination of qigong and t’ai chi used to enhance ones life force. This well designed combination gives a person practical steps and tools to support their own healing process. These self care methods include:

  • gentle movement

  • breath practice

  • self applied massage

  • relaxation through meditation and visualization

T’ai Chi Easy™ can be done sitting, standing or lying down.

T'ai Chi Kung

T'ai Chi Kung, a combination of Qigong and T'ai Chi Chuan, 26 flowing movements practiced daily to improve your over all health and longevity.

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T'ai Chi might well be called "Medication in Motion", as there is growing evidence that this mind body practice has value in treating and preventing many health problems. Harvard Health Publication May 2009